Becoming Limitless

Dec 20, 2019

Becoming Limitless

We are amongst a new age spiritual revolution. An embrace of alternative healing therapies from across cultures has the western world’s focus on holistic health. It’s all about that mind, body, soul connection.

So why the hell do you still feel so disconnected? In a world where you have access to limitless information at your fingertips, literally at the touch of a button you can search, read and learn whatever your heart desires; yet here you are, overstimulated, malnourished, overweight, stressed out, anxious, depressed, lonely and in search of how to make sense of the chaos we so dearly call life.

You’ve listened to podcasts about spirituality, downloaded a meditation app that you don’t use, you’d go to the gym and do yoga more but let’s face it… you’re overworked and just need a break, but there’s no such thing as a break when you have kids; or maybe you will be happy once you pay off your student loans or can afford a new car, or go on that vacation you’ve been saving for. You could be happy if you just weren’t so exhausted.

Does any of that hit home for you? I will admit this potential reality is a timid version of the very broad spectrum of grim realities that exist in this day and age. Life can always be worse right? So maybe you don’t have it that bad and you are grateful for what you do have but it still feels like something is missing. Just as much as life can always be worse, you know deep down inside that you aren’t living the life of your dreams but desperately wish you were.

So how does one become “limitless”? What does “being limitless” even mean? How do we adopt an abundance mindset and manifest the most idyllic life? Is there a happy medium between YOLO and breaking the bank? Do we really have to sacrifice or compromise even more than we have already? Some of us will never know just how good our bodies can feel, or what it’s like to be a billionaire, there are socioeconomic factors that create real boundaries and limitations for so many of us. So is it possible to break those barriers and evolve into who we truly desire to be?

Fuck Yes! You Can. And I am about to tell you how.

In order to become limitless, you first need to stop being a bundle of conditioned reflexes and nerves constantly being triggered by people and circumstances. Your predictable outcomes and clinging expectations and desire for external rewards are disabling your freedom. In order to give rise to infinite possibility, creativity, synchronicity, and ability to harness the power of intention, vision and transcendence, you’ve got to get comfortable with unpredictability and guess what? You’ve gotta get comfy AF with being uncomfortable.

The first course of action would be to get familiar with the principles of well being. There are six of them and this is the order they follow.

  1. Consistent Deep Restful Sleep
  2. Daily Meditation or Stress Management Practice
  3. Daily Movement/ Yoga/ Pranayama Practice
  4. Experiencing Healthy Emotions Daily; such as love, joy, compassion, equanimity.
  5. Being In Touch With Nature, Grounding Yourself
  6. Lastly and most important of all is Self Awareness.

Now check-in with yourself and be honest; rate on a scale of 1-5, one being poor and 5 being excellent, the number that best describes your experience for each category. Divide the total sum of numbers by 30 and multiply by 100 to get your Quality of Well Being Index.

For example:

  1. I get consistent deep restful sleep? 1 ( I have insomnia) and 5 ( I get deep restful sleep nightly). Say you choose 5, you would add the sum of the answer for each category and calculate your total Quality of Well Being Score : __/30×100= ___% of well being.

So now that you have a measurable understanding of where you sit on the scale of well being, you can begin to pinpoint areas of your life that could use some improvement. This is a very simplified test to get a general idea of what you could work on to continue on the path of evolution towards your highest self. I recommend delving much deeper into your self-awareness practice and really exploring what your spark of bliss is and what your purpose is in this life. The ability to step back and self reflect allows us to understand patterns, behaviours and beliefs that may be limiting, knowing your areas of strain and areas of integration and becoming aware of and truly examining your blind spots allows you to grow and evolve. That means you’ve gotta take the time to explore your strengths and positive qualities but also take a good deep look at your challenges and weaknesses.

In order to become truly limitless, you’ve gotta dream big, play big, and push your boundaries. Within the development of your self-awareness, you want to get firm on what it is that you need to eradicate. I’ve already given you a hint of what it is that most people desperately need to ditch, and its limiting beliefs. These annoying little fuckers live deep in the recesses of our minds and start to establish routes of total erosion in the well of our purest potential at the ripe age of two years old so we end up bleeding effort in directions our effort is least useful because of this unconscious inner dialogue. Our words shape our legacy! So if we don’t get busy healing our childhood and past trauma’s, the road to limitless is gonna be a bumpy ride.

So how do we identify our limiting beliefs? This is a part of your cognitive revolution, first by cultivating an awareness of all the bull shit rules that you have either accepted as your own beliefs due to childhood indoctrination, the need for belonging, authority figures, social advertising and internal insecurities.

This is the beginning process of aligning yourself with intention also known as intentional living. When something is not intrinsically enjoyable, it requires motivation, motivation is like bathing, the “clean feeling” doesn’t usually last longer than 24 hours. So we need to remind ourselves of our reason why? Of WHO we are and WHY we are here on this earth; daily, fuck sometimes hourly. But we aren’t all monks living in mud huts, eating grass who have hours upon hours to self reflect.

So let me introduce you to the process of micro meditation. Tuning into our intention and consistently moving into states of micro meditation ensure that our choices align on the path of least resistance of who we want to be and how we want to show up. It takes a minute here and a minute there, whenever you need to check-in, simply close your eyes and breathe. Inhale for 4 counts, retain at the peak for 2 counts and exhale for a count of 6, repeat. Focusing your gaze inwards, towards one single point within the mind’s eye, just between the brows; plant your intention there, and begin to water that seed of your intention with an unbroken stream of conscious awareness and positive inner dialogue. We know that suffering the sort term unenjoyable experience will ultimately bring us closer to our desired state of bliss, and that’s exactly when the energy exchange begins to strike a balance.

If you feel exhausted it’s likely that your energy exchange is in a state of imbalance and somethings gotta give, right? wrong! It doesn’t have to be a ” this or that” kinda life. In fact, once we align ourselves with our spark of bliss, or whatever it is that gets us into a state of flow consciousness, we can begin to dissolve the bull shit rules that are eroding our pathways of positive energy and abundance.

Engineering our consciousness sounds way more complicated than it is. Life can be so simple but yet so overwhelmingly complicated at the same time. So what we need to look at in order to eradicate our limiting beliefs are our modes of reality and systems of living. Our beliefs and daily habits are the hardware and software necessary to upgrade to “next level” living. The ultimate state of human existence is flow consciousness or a state of momentum. This is how I look at flow consciousness; if it were on a spectrum:

Happy in the Now<———————————-> Vision of the Future (Gratitude)——————-(Yoga)——————-( Meditation) =Flow State

Flow State by definition is “a state of mind in which you are pulled forward by big goals, yet happy where you are now. It creates a feeling of growth and a feeling of being lucky”- Vishen Lakhiani.

It’s important to be aware of the state of being that you are in. There are 4 main states of being.

  1. Negative Spiral- need to seek outside help.
  2. Stress and Anxiety- postponing happiness to attain goals.
  3. Just Happy- not growing, not contributing, current reality trap.
  4. State of flow- “following your highest excitement and inspiration at all times, radical self-acceptance, trusting the wisdom of life, following your intuition at all times, opening yourself to infinite possibilities in every moment, showing up from a place of service and be open to receiving, and to do the opposite of what you normally do to seek balance while honouring your unique flow. “- Flow, The psychology of optimal experience.

With that little nugget of gold, let’s talk about the paradox of intention. I spent a month living with a circus on a remote island in Indonesia. What I learned is that there is no ” right or wrong” and that “Desire” is actually a lower level cognition. I also learned that boundaries gotta give way if we want to expand. I had some tantra teachers and an ocean conservationist explain it to me this way… You must have goals, but your happiness cannot be tied to these goals, you have to be happy before you attain them. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword but in the spirit of quantum success its the practice of gratitude that sharpens the blade.

Hacking the human experience is simple.

Know the factors for happiness.

  1. experience
  2. growth
  3. contribution

Know the essential Human Needs.

  1. Love and Compassion
  2. Gratitude
  3. Peace
  4. Vision
  5. Sense of Control
  6. Feeling supported

Envision your ideal life through the lens of an embodiment practice that puts you in a perpetual state of growth and evolution.

Meditate. Every morning. Contemplate compassion, gratitude, forgiveness ( a gift to your highest self), your future, your perfect day, and finally BLESS AND LET GO (of people and past events that no longer serve a purpose in your life).

Sending you Love and Light on this epic journey,

Your trusted guide.

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